We help local startups to grow on a global scale
We help you to find partners and prepare your startup for early seed round and expand your operation into global markets.
Registration is open until The Gambia's annual quota of 30 people is filled.
Estimated 1/2021
An incubator service will be provided to prepare startups for regional investors.
Estimated 8/2021
Startups will be presented to our network of international investors.
Estimated 12/2021
The first clients of successful startups will settle in Canada and other global markets.
Estimated 1/2021
Estimated 8/2021
Estimated 12/2021
We help you to find promising startup opportunities. We support you to design the prototype and raise capital. We present your startup in global markets, especially Canada, to expand your operation to a global scale.
Business incubation from the idea stage to the early seed investment. Global fundraising from early seed round to late seed. Market entry from your local country to the opportunity to grow your business globally.
Technical co-founders
Do you have in-depth technical expertise in an area? Do you like sharing your experiences? Do you want to contribute to a promising startup? Please contact Arctern to be a technical co-founder of a startup.
Manager of Arctern Gambia
Foday Bah
+220 222 0229
Sukuta, Kombo North, West Coast Region, The Gambia
About Foday Bah

Mr. Foday Bah is a 38 years old Gambian. He graduated from the University of Messina, Italy with a Master's degree in Engineering and Computer Science. In the past 10 years, he enjoyed working in the Digital Marketing and IT fields, where he has a proven track record of developing and managing online marketing programs, computer systems design and analysis, and information systems. He also prepares and implements comprehensive business plans to facilitate the achievement of goals by planning cost-effective operations and market development activities, with his strong technical, as well as excellent interpersonal skills. He states that his greatest passion in life is to use his knowledge and experience to benefit other people and organizations. 

He has joined Arctern Global Startups in 2020, managing all Arctern operations by promoting and helping entrepreneurs to meet their goals and aspirations.


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